The Swag Company

Dance and Fitness Fusion

About us and our Instructors  

 Are you looking for an addictively fun, self-esteem boosting, whole body workout? 

Join us for a beautiful and rewarding journey into outer health and inner well-being. The Swag Company is  dedicated exclusively to dance and fitness and the well-being of our members. 

Our Team of qualified instructors focus on teaching dance and fitness classes as a fun form of exercise in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Try our classes where you’ll learn to interpret your own unique expression in movement. Loosen your inhibitions without losing your values in our all-age, all-shapes and sized, all-fun classes. 

We offer you the added benefit of a full body cardio workout and dance is a wonderful way to combat stress and express yourself creatively, stretching and toning your body should also boost your self-esteem. Our classes will  make you feel good and with you’re commitment will one day  surprise you with a fit and fabulous new you!  

Instructor: Lindie van Nispen

My dance career started at age three with cecchetti ballet, my first dance exam at age six and continued to my teens. At age eleven, I joined the world of freestyle and started dancing competitively at age fourteen with my last competition ending in 2004.

I am trained in freestyle solo, slow dance, rock and roll, hustle, freestyle pairs, freestyle formation and Latin, these include exams and competitions. A few highlights in my dance career have definitely been becoming the South African Freestyle Formation Championship winners for 1998.

In 2010 I was introduced to a dance fitness program Zumba® Fitness and loved the idea of being able to move people towards a healthy lifestyle with dance. I attended my first training in 2010 and again in 2012. I am a trained and licensed instructor of  Zumba®, Sentao, Toning, Gold, Kids & Kids Jr. and also attended the Zumba® Pro-skill program and have been giving class ever since. In 2015 I attended a Piloxing® fitness training program and become a Piloxing® instructor.

Dance has always been a passion and my love for dancing has always continued to be a part of my life. Dancing has taught me so much about myself and I have learned discipline, control, perseverance and so much more. The most valuable lesson I have learned through dance is to always believe in myself, my talent and my abilities and feel privileged sharing this with others.  

Being an instructor is so rewarding in itself and I’m passionate about motivation others and hope to inspire all to find their passion in life and that magic dancing brings along the way. 

Instructor: Leza de Bruyn

Watching from the side lines I have always loved everything about dancing, but not being able to dance myself as a child due to a medical condition I was envious of all the girls in the dance schools. Now a couple of years later my dream came true, I was able to put on my dancing shoes and dance the night away.

In April 2012 I met the girl that changed my life!! I walked into Lindie’s Zumba® class and I had a blast. We became instant best friends. Lindie is an amazing dancer and has such awesome energy. Her classes were a challenge for me and that was exactly what I needed on my road to becoming healthy and fit.

She encouraged me to become a Zumba® instructor. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I am SO thankful for her and for her encouragement to put myself out there and share dance with the world. My time attending the Zumba® training's in 2014 was amazing and such a great learning curve.  And now I just LOVE dancing next to her.

I am a trained and licensed instructor of  Zumba®, Sentao, Toning, Gold, Kids & Kids Jr. and also attended the Zumba® Pro-skill program and have been giving class ever since.

It has been life changing!!!! We both have amazing families that just loves and supports us and are on this journey with us. I can’t wait to start this new venture with my best friend and I am super excited for what lies ahead for all of us here at The SWAG Company. This year is going to be a crazy, but amazing, year. Lindie and I have a very special thing, and we are SO excited to share it with everyone. There’s a lot of chemistry here that keeps us committed to the dream and to each other.

I hope that everyone will see the SWAG Company as a fitness entry point – an opportunity to return to fitness or begin fitness in an environment that says ‘COME AS YOU ARE'

I want to INSPIRE people. I want someone to look at me and say ‘BECAUSE of YOU’ I didn’t GIVE UP 


Piloxing(R) Training 2015

Zumba(R) Training 2010 - 2015